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A Personalized Approach to Finding Peace and Happiness as You Release the Barriers Within


About Workshops

The Living Consciously Workshop is a life-changing event that gives you the necessary skill set to improve your overall health and wellbeing.  We will shatter the myths about what meditation is “supposed” to be as you discover what it is for you. You will be shown a seamless approach to finding lasting peace and happiness, as you are guided down your own path to self-awareness and growth. 


In the two-days we spend together you will be taught four different types of meditation, how to easily create your own meditation practice, and most importantly how to apply the skills meditation will teach you to your daily life.  You will also be given what I call “Guiding Principles,” tools I believe will lead you to contentment, ease, joy, and self-awareness in ways you never imagined. You will gain all of this and so much more. I can not wait to share this with you!!!!!

Learned Meditations


Mindfulness Meditations

Retrain your mind to be fully present in the moment. As you learn to experience your life as it is, instead of what you think it is “supposed” to be.  Happiness and Peace are found through mindful acceptance.

Calm-Focused Meditations


Bring your mind to a calm-focused state where you can work towards achieving desired goals and cultivating certain attributes you wish to have.   Calm-Focused meditations can help you develop things such as; compassion, self-love, and kindness. 


Transcendental Meditations

Use the repetition of a Mantra to transcend you to a place of peace and stillness.  They increase your ability to let go and move beyond whatever is blocking you from finding lasting peace and happiness.


Energized Body and Mind Meditations

Increase the energetic flow of your subtle body to enhance your overall health and well-being. 


Dr. Alli Mangrum

Struggling with severe anxiety all of my life I desired nothing more than a sense of inner peace and contentment.   For years I searched for ways to find a happier, healthier, more authentic version of me. Unknowingly, I was looking to things outside of myself to provide relief and though temporary relief could be found, it was always fleeting.   It wasn’t until I was willing to sit inside myself and peel back the layers that I discovered all that I desired, already existed within. Living Consciously to me is about living with intention, meaning, and purpose. Deliberately making choices that will lead me where I want to go, as I take full responsibility for where I end up.  The meditation and the self-reflection tools I will share with you have been my guide. I hope they can be the same for you as you walk your own unique path to inner peace.


Private Meditation Session

Need a little extra guidance? Want to get more out of your meditation practice or just learn the basics? Personalize your meditation practice with a one-on-one session with Alli.  Having the opportunity to get personal attention will tailor your practice to meet your specific needs as well as drastically increase the benefits you receive.  Contact us to inquire about available times and rates.


Text Alli directly: 801-865-5645


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What People Say About Us

“I will start off by saying, I had no idea my life and my relationships with myself, family and friends would change forever after attending Alli’s workshop.”

~Kelli Anderson




Text or call: 801-865-5645

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