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“Your goal is not to seek love, peace, security, anything really. 

Rather your goal is to let down the barriers you have built against them.” 

Quote derived from Rumi


By now we all have heard about the incredible benefits gained from consistent meditation practice.  Yet, what I so often hear from people trying to practice is, “I want to meditate but I am terrible at it.  I have too many thoughts and my mind wanders all over the place.” And just like that the most powerful tool we have to find peace and reduce stress is tossed aside.  This workshop is designed to shatter the myths about what meditation is “supposed” to be and help you discover what it is for you. You will discover a seamless approach to finding lasting peace and happiness, as you are  guided down your own path to self-awareness and growth.  


 For the last 20 years my quest has been to find a happier, healthier, more peaceful version of myself, while maintaining my full, busy sometimes chaotic life.  What I have found from many different disciplines, from Western psychology to Eastern philosophy, and from scientific research to sacred texts, is that the same threads of wisdom are woven within all.  There are consistent, powerful messages and principles that you will find wherever you look. This workshop is a collection of all of the wisdom I have found, laced with personal experiences, and concrete ways for you to grow into your best, most authentic self.  Recognizing there is no right version of you, there is only you. 

I have collected what I call “Guiding Principles,”  a set of principles that I believe will lead you to peace and happiness.  They will bring contentment, joy, ease, and self-awareness into your life in ways you never imagined possible. As you apply them the barriers that exist within begin to release and you are left liberated and free. They are simple, yet profound. If embraced consistently, they will make a huge impact in the overall quality of your life. Each of the guiding principles listed below will be discussed in detail as they are woven into the concepts of meditation. 

  • Change is the only constant.

  • Control is an illusion of the mind so let it go.

  • There are infinite possibilities and solutions.

  • Less is more.

  • Let go of assumptions and predictions.

  • Choose to believe everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have.

  • Don’t take things personally.

  • Do your best.

  • Live authentically.

  • Every belief you have is a choice. 

  • Remain humble at all times.

  • Regularly take time to nurture yourself.

  • Show up.

  • Be honest with yourself.

  • Take personal responsibility for everything in your life.

In the two days we spend together you will learn what it means to be a witness in your life instead of a judge.  You will master mindfulness and finally be able to be present. Your relationships will grow and your connections will deepen as you learn both to hold space and to maintain healthy boundaries.  We will discuss the layers of the mind and how to gain access to all parts so your negative thoughts no longer control you. You will connect to and discover your energetic body. As you cultivate self-love and recognize you have done your best, you will finally be free of the limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns that have been holding you back.  With these new skills, you will be able to live the life you have always dreamed of. 

We will discuss and practice the four main types of meditation: Mindfulness, Calm-Focus, Transcendental, and Energized Body and Mind.  You will leave with a clear understanding of each type of meditation as well as concrete ways to create your own daily meditation practice.  But most importantly you will know how to integrate these principles into your everyday life. You will receive all of this information, as well as a copy of a workbook that reviews everything discussed. You will also have 24-hour access to my App that includes recorded meditations from all four categories to practice on your own.


“Meditation is not about learning to control your thoughts, mind, or emotions. 

It’s learning to no longer allow them to control you.”


During the workshop we will discuss and practice the four main categories of meditation as taught by Charles Knowles.  Not only will we go over the “how to” with each specific type, but you will understand the unique benefits and purpose of each so you can prioritize your goals..  I like to think of meditation as exercise for the mind. Just as exercising your physical body improves all aspects of your health (physical, mental, emotional) exercising your mind also improves your overall health. You can choose to move your body in many different ways and still enjoy the main benefits of exercise. 


The same goes for meditation. Any category of meditation you practice will give you valuable health benefits. However, if you have specific goals or intentions, you can tailor your practice to meet those. Current research shows that with as little as eight weeks of consistent meditation practice, you can see positive changes in your brain functions. Gotink, Rinske A., et al. “8-Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Induces Brain Changes Similar to Traditional Long-Term Meditation Practice – A Systematic Review.” Brain and Cognition, vol. 108, 2016, pp. 32–41., doi:10.1016/j.bandc.2016.07.001.

Types of Meditation

Types of Meditation Taught in The Workshop


Mindfulness Meditations

Retrain your mind to be fully present in the moment. As you learn to experience your life as it is, instead of what you think it is “supposed” to be.  Happiness and Peace are found through mindful acceptance.

Insight Meditations


Bring your mind to a calm-focused state where you can work towards achieving desired goals and cultivating certain attributes you wish to have.   Calm-Focused meditations can help you develop things such as; compassion, self-love, and kindness. 


Transcendental Meditations

Use the repetition of a Mantra to transcend you to a place of peace and stillness.  They increase your ability to let go and move beyond whatever is blocking you from finding lasting peace and happiness.


Energized Body and Mind Meditations

Increase the energetic flow of your subtle body to enhance your overall health and well-being. 

Mindfulness Meditationsns

Mindfulness or Present Moment Meditations: As the name implies, these meditations are designed to help you develop a more mindful approach to life.  The focus of these specific meditations is always the present, whether that be your breath, the senses in your body, or sounds/sights around you. These meditations teach you the skill set of being present and aware of the moment you are in.  This gives you the ability to fully participate and get the most out of each of your moments. Mindfulness practices help you to learn to manage your emotions, to decrease stress, to lower anxiety, and to witness your actions without judgement.  This ultimately leads you to a place of peace and acceptance. All of this creates a more balanced state of being. We learn several different approaches to mindfulness meditations, easy techniques that we all can do, and strategies to implement mindfulness into your daily life.  

Mindfulness Meditationsns

Insight Meditations

Though all meditations strive to bring you to a calm focused state, these specific meditations specialize in guiding you through a process of either self-awareness, intention setting, or nurturing a certain attribute or characteristic.  Unlike mindfulness meditations, which are always focused on the present, calm-focused meditations can target the past or future. We will go over several different kinds of calm-focused mediations, how to tailor a meditation to meet your specific goals, and practice meditation designed to help you cultivate certain attributes such as compassion, kindness, and self-love.

Insight Meditations

Transcendental Meditations

These meditations commonly use a Mantra (the repetition of a word or phrase) to help you reach transcendence.  Transcendence means to “let go” or “go beyond.” The purpose of these meditations is to help you let go, releasing stress, tension, anxiety, and control.  

This means going beyond ego, self, and thought to move into a place of peace. Transcendence meditations are often thought of as the most relaxing meditations since they stimulate alpha brain waves which are linked to relaxation and the natural resting state of the brain.  These waves have been shown to be highly effective in decreasing stress, anxiety, and even lowering blood pressure. 

 As you transcend beyond, you can enter a state of blissful oneness with everything around you.

Transcendental Meditations

Energized Body & Mind Meditations

Energy Enhancing Meditations:  These meditations increase the energetic flow of your subtle body.  During the workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of your energetic body and how to use meditation to clear, enhance, and increase your energetic flow.    

Energized Body and Mind Meditations
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