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Humans Dealing with Humans- Why Did I do That

We all experience friction in our relationships at home, at work, in our social circles. And SOMETIMES that friction shows up in patterns, returning over and over in similar ways. We find ourselves facing the same types of problems with different faces and different scenarios. We may not necessarily want to look too deeply at that, because in all those friction patterns, we're the constant in a sea of variables, so what would that mean about us?

It means we're part of the problem.

One of the biggest issues is the running narrative we're telling ourselves about the world and others in it. If we're playing out a storyline that isn't serving us, our deep-rooted-and-often-unhelpful beliefs about ourselves and others drive our emotions, thought-patterns, and behaviors in every single interaction.

This week we welcome back Dr. Alli Mangrum as she points out the unhelpful stories we sometimes tell ourselves, and gives us ideas and tools to better let go of them. Enjoy!


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